German Kabirski Jewelry

Just different

Bracelets 4 Humanity

Handcrafted with the modern, fearless woman and man in mind.

Canadian Institute of Gemmology

Established in 1983 the Canadian Institute of Gemmology is dedicated to research and advance in education and practice of gemmology

Siberian Mammoth

Paleolithic fossils, woolly mammoth ivory, mineral specimens, lapidary art, native precious metals

Jewellery Jamboree Gems

Silver jewellery and findings. Loose and rough gemstones

Fire Agate Art Studio

Collection of work by Ryszard Krukowski, a dedicated rock-hound, jeweler and stonecutter who’s been working with Fire Agate for over 25 years

Komarevich Originals Ltd

Beads, fossils, minerals and crystals

Tk’emlups Traditions

Recreation of traditional tools, implements and jewelry with specialization in stone knives, bows, arrows and spears

Linda’s Natural Wonders

Unique, handcrafted jewellery pieces featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones


Handcrafted gemstone jewellery, slabs, cabochons and faceted stones

Gemfinders International

We select the finest crystals, gemstones and hand carved items that Brazil, India & Madagascar can produce to ensure your satisfaction

Stone Haven Gems

Crystals, minerals, fossils, jewellery

Silvia Findings

Original manufacturer of Italian Quality Sterling Silver Findings

Bedrock Gems

Unique gemstones


Supplier in worldwide beads & jewellery findings

Thunder Creek Rockshop

Rocks, Minerals, Jewellery, Crystals

Bamboo Beads & Bling

Unique beads, gems, jewellery and treasures from around the world

Jakob Salix Jewelry Design

High end, future class wire sculpted jewellery

Amethyst Creations

Gems and minerals from around the world collected in one spot with love

Capilano Rock & Gem

Serving jewellery industry since 1976


High-end gemstone beads

Deborah Wilson – jade sculptor

” … Deborah Wilson is among the best of the world’s contemporary jade sculptors.” National Geographic, Sept. 1987

Out Designs


Natural Ammolite

Supplier of Canadian ammolite jewellery, gemstones and fossils

Bella’s miracle shop

Metaphysical healing stones, rare & high vibration crystals and jewelry

Silver Street Jewellers

Wide variety of sterling silver jewellery with genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones

Kootana Crystal & Mineral

Collection fossils and minerals, jewellery

Lapis Gems Lapidary

The best selection of gems and minerals for collectors and consumers in Canada

Juvelisto Design Studio

Contemporary jewellery, sculpture and art designed by Canadian and international artists.

Milaya Designs

One of a kind crystals for one of a kind souls

Lighten Up! Jewels

Healing gemstone jewellery and crystals

KD Creations

Stones of a holistic nature

Wijaya Gems

Gemstones from Sri Lanka

Sacred Gemstone

Handmade sterling silver jewelry showcasing the beauty of natural healing crystals and semiprecious gemstones


Luxury jewelry brand based in Vancouver. Our products are carefully handcrafted and assembled with enduring caliber for the modern man and woman’s attire

New Stone Age Cabochons

Designer cabochons for creative people

Tina Clelland

Energy life coach

Crystal Mozart-Sisters in Laws

Unique crystals and gemstone Objets D’Art, crystal jewelry coded with a purpose


Faceted gems, cabochons, minerals, crystals, jewellery

Edit Simon Jewelry Design

Exceptional quality fine crafted custom jewelry

Turquoise Kingdom

We specialize in unique collections of Native pieces

The Happy Prospector

Rock & Gem Shop

Forest Crystals

Phantom quartz crystals from Vancouver Island

Gem Premium

The best quality of non treated cultured South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls

Great Crystals

High quality mineral and gem specimens available for the discerning collector

Blackfoot Rocks and Gems

Authentic Blackfoot Ammonites. Ammolite products and raw ammonite

Zaleska Jewelry

Crystal jewelry and accessories for the modern bohème

Ancient Sun Amber

The best quality amber from all over the world

Infinity Studio Designs

Handmade jewellery

Stones & Weave

One of a kind, handmade bracelets and necklaces

Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

Wide variety of high vibration, high quality gem crystals and mineral specimens

Pagoda Stone

Gemstone art company and production studio

Silver FX

Beautifully hand crafted First Nations sterling silver jewellery


Investment grade mineral specimens

My Happy Medium

Collection of crystals, metaphysical items and spiritual services

Gem&I Jewellery

High Grade Gemstone Jewellery, Unique Designs, Fine Crystals, Minerals and Fossil Specimens

Radiant Runes

Illuminated wood & crystal sculptures

Makosla Creations

DRAGONS! Unique Jewelry and Sculptures

Divine Gems

Rough and polished stones and gems

Blue Sapphire Beads

Precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, sterling silver findings, healing crystals

AML of Canada


Archangel Oracle

Crystal Healing Jewellery

Crystal EnGenz

Crystal Prescription Therapy through the use of our N.E.W. EnGens (Energy Generators)

Louise Rennie Jewellery

Unique, handcrafted semi-precious gemstone, pearl and crystal jewellery

HG Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery

Baltic Beauty Amber Jewelry

Baltic Amber Jewelry

Liberate Your True Self

Large selection of crystals and gemstones to enhance your life and assist with healing

Wanderlove Jewellery

Silver gemstone jewellery

HM Jewelry

Gold and Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Sublime Design

Semiprecious stone jewellery

Indigo Art & Crystals

Vast variety of crystals

Enchanted Jewels

Diamond and gemstone finished jewellery

Awakening the Healer Within

Combining artwork with metaphysical energy healing

Courtney Made It

Mindful creations made with love and gems

Natural Selections

Fossils, rocks, minerals and other natural items

Northern Minerals

Rocks and minerals, handmade jewellery

Champnoir Crystal Creations

Gem jewellery, geodes, crystals

John Prychon

Gem and mineral collector

Prehistoric World Inc.

Fossils, unusual Crystal & Mineral specimens

Alberta Mineral & Gem

Gems and minerals


Rubies, emeralds and beads

Skarss Gem Company

East African Gemstones

Wild West Trading Post

Rock specimens, slabs, jewellery, Native Art

Marina D.

Fine Jewellery

Faerie Ring

Crystals, rocks and minerals, fossils and meteorites

Colour your World with Gems

Precious and semiprecious coloured gemstones

Ammonite Creations

Ammonite fossils and jewellery


Stone beads, specimens and jewellery

Shinwari Gems Crystal


Burmese Jade

Burmese beads, stones and jade

Alex Homenuke

Collector minerals, lapidary art, artifacts

Roxana Najar Jewelry

Handmade custom jewelry with semiprecious gems

Designed with You in Mind

Antique and fashion jewellery

Be in Harmony Design

Handcrafted stone jewellery

Jade Natural


Stephen’s Metaphysical Rocks

Points, spheres, beads and bracelets, jewellery

Best Ammolite Inc.


One with Earth Crystal Healing

Gemstone intention bracelets, crystals and spheres



Billy Gauthier

Internationally acclaimed indigenous artist and activist demonstrating his carving techniques

Cool Creations

Ice is a mineral! Ice carving demonstrations

Below BC

Our mandate is to bring geology and the broader Earth Sciences alive for the public and to help educate through a variety of media

Hastings Lapidary Club

Lapidary demonstrations

Canadian Gemmological Association

CGA has provided top-tier training in gemmology to the Canadian community since 1958

Gold Panning with Kootenay Sam